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The band is located in Kyiv (Ukraine) and consists of 4 members. Guys are 18, 19 years old. Play in genre indie-rock and post-punk revival. For the time being, Indytronics has EP “Vision”, released on 4th of October 2013, a few singles and their debut LP “Scintilla Wave” released on 23rd of April 2015. For 3 years active, Indytronics appeared on different Ukrainian TV shows, their songs are in rotation on a few top radio stations, their music sells worldwide, they were mentioned in British magazine “Huck”, TV channels: M1 and M2. Their music is also using for fashion shows on international TV network HDFashion in USA, Ukraine, Italy, Austria, France. For now Indytronics are going in Ukrainian tour and pitch their music to European and US festivals, radio stations, music magazines, etc. Indytronics are going to amplify their audience abroad and dream about recognition around the world.

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11 июля, суббота, 2015:
20:00 Underpub 40

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